Baby Pepé is a minor character in Baby Looney Tunes and the baby & toddler version of Pepé Le Pew.

Pepé debuts as an infant in New Cat in Town, where he says Baby Sylvester's name as his first word. In Stop and Smell Up the Flowers, Baby Pepé gives a tour around the Acme gardens.


Baby Pepé is a black and white skunk with a big black nose, eyes, and a tuft of white hair that sticks up on top of his head. Sometimes he wears a pale blue diaper.


Baby Pepé is a kind soul who enjoys playing with the others. As he is unable to help with his scent, his feelings are hurt when others complain about it it or make fun of him.


  • The adult version of Pepé made an appearance in the New Cat in Town, when Baby Sylvester played with a toy laptop.
  • Like his adult version, Baby Pepé speaks with a French accent.
  • Baby Pepé is one of the two characters that wears a different colored diaper, the other one being Baby Foghorn.



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