Band Together is the first segment of the 19th episode of Baby Looney Tunes.


Granny listens to some music on the radio and the babies decide to make some like it. Lola has this fantasy of them all in a band. Later they (except for Daffy) try to make a band. They're terrible, but Granny likes it. (well, that's what she tells them)


  • The song Granny listens to was referred to as classical music in a summary but it isn't; it refers to movie score.
  • During Lola's Dream Ballet, music from Peter Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake Suite plays.
  • During one point when Tweety tries the flute, the sound was actually a piccolo (this is an octave higher than a normal flute).
  • During the practice Sylvester sang "For I Got Jolly Good Rhythm", which refers to the original song "Jolly Good Rhythm".
  • This is the first episode where all the babies no longer wear diapers this time and will always be seen naked from now on.