Bedtime Bubbles is a game in Baby looney tunes.

The aim of the game is to get the babies bugs, daffy and taz to clean and sleep. In the first level you will have to brush baby bug's teeth. If successful then you will advance to the next level. The second level is to was baby daffy. If completed then he will fall asleep like bugs. In the final level you have to brush taz. If completed then you will complete the game. To complete a level you must tap on the baby five times. Once a baby is asleep you can do it again to do better. If a level is completed the screen will say well done, you got him. When the game is completed the screen will say well done, all the baby looney tunes are asleep and there will be a play again button. You can play levels in any Oder. There will be features like volume. The description is: Help Bugs, Daffy and Taz get ready for bed in the Baby Looney Tunes Bedtime Bubbles game. The Baby Looney Tunes just won’t listen. Bugs won’t brush his teeth. Click on Bugs to brush his teeth and make his smile bright and white. Daffy is all stinky and really needs a bath. Click on Daffy to scrub him with the sponge and get him clean. Taz has been in a real spin and his hair is a mess. Click on Taz to brush his hair all neat and tidy. Once the Baby Looney Tunes are ready for bed, tuck them in and watch them fall asleep. The Game is only available with flash. It is available on the cartoonito website. The title card will show Granny's bathroom with the baby looney tunes logo and a start button. Once the start button is pressed it will take you to the instructions. Once the instructions are read then the babies will Jump on the bed and you can start to play the game. There will be volume.