Bruce Bunny
Season 1, Episode 25
Bruce Bunny
Air date October 2 2002
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Bruce Bunny is the thirty-seventh episode of Baby Looney Tunes.


As Bugs is putting on a show for the other babies (Loonies) and amusing them, Daffy gets jealous and intends to make fun of him for getting the others to laugh at him. Daffy ruins the show and uses a hurtful song about Bugs eating bugs (literal ones), amusing the others.

On the playground, an insulted Bugs tries changing his name. He tries changing it to Bruce, but Daffy makes hurtful rhymes about him drinking bug juice. For this, Bugs changes it to Brandon, thinking that Daffy cannot make hurtful rhymes with that name. Daffy tries calling him "Big Ears."

For this, Bugs looks in the mirror, unable to completely show them, and then hides them with his hat. Daffy then looks at his poofy tail sticking out the bottom of his white diaper, so Bugs puts on a pair of pants. Daffy then mocks his nose for being pink, making him blush. Daffy remarks, "Now your whole face is pink." Bugs hides his face with some kind of bandana. Daffy then mocks his white chest, causing him to put on a shirt. Finally, he makes fun of Bugs' big feet, and calls them "stinky, stinky big." So, Bugs puts on a giant pair of shoes. He says there is so much wrong with him that even walking is hard for him. Daffy then doesn't make fun of him, as he sees nothing left to mock.

Finally, the other babies, who are missing the real Bugs, regret making fun of him, and Lola heads outside. She asks Bugs (who is playing with trucks) if she can play with him, calling him by his actual name, but he, remembering that hurtful rhyme, "Bugs eats bugs," reminds her that he is Brandon. Lola tells him that there is something wrong, not with Bugs himself, but with Daffy. He asks if it's a rhyming problem, but she tells him Daffy is jealous of him. Finally, regaining his spirit, Bugs spins all his clothes off (except his diaper) and decides to go back to being Bugs Bunny.

Back in the playroom, Bugs returns, much to the joy of all the other babies... maybe except Daffy, who starts the "Bugs eats bugs" rhyme, only this time to anger the others. Bugs reveals that HE didn't find it funny the first time, as it hurt his feelings. The other babies apologize to Bugs, even Daffy. Bugs forgives him and invites him to joining his big finish. Finally, with encouragement from Tweety, Taz gives him the standing obation.


  • Granny is not in this episode.
  • "Bruce Bunny" is a pun of Bruce Lee, one of the most famous kung-fu masters.
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