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Baby Daffy is a character in Baby Looney Tunes and the baby version of Daffy Duck. He is voiced by Samuel Vincent, along with Baby Bugs and Baby Tweety.



Baby Daffy is a black duck with an orange beak and legs. He wore a diaper in (Taz in Toyland-Taz You Like It) until Season 2, like the other babies.


Baby Daffy gets along with the others but he is selfish and self-indulgent; so he often schemes to get something from others or to make things easier for himself. Sometimes he can be greedy, but at other times his childish nature shows that he doesn't really mean to be. He also has a foul temper and often butts-heads with the others over things.

He has a tendency to think for himself rather than others, and when problems arise he usually claims he was wrong or treated unfairly. He doesn't like to be seen as "second" to Baby Bugs.


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