"Did Not! Did Too!" is the 51st episode of "Baby Looney Tunes!".


Bugs and Lola shout at 1 another, so the others must find away to stop the argument.


Bugs and Lola are both building a castle with building blocks while the other babies are planning on storming the castle. During this, Bugs and Lola fight over whose flag should go on one one of the pyramid blocks (Lola wants it to have her red flag, while Bugs wants his blue flag there) until the castle collapses.


Bugs: [Angrily] "Hey........where do you think your goin'?!?"

Lola : [Angrily] "What do you mean 'where do you think I'm going'? I'm going to my room!"

Bugs : [Angrily] "Well it's my room too.........and I was here 1st!"

Lola : [Angrily] "Fine!" "I'll go take a nap somewhere else!"

( Lola angrily slams the door right in front of Bugs........leaving Taz , Daffy , Tweety and Sylvester shocked as usual.)

Lola: "Hey......what are you doing up here?"

Bugs: "Tweety asked me to help him....."

Lola: "He asked me........"

Bugs: [Angrily] "Did not!"

Lola: [Angrily] "Did too!'

Bugs: [Angrily] "Did not!"

Lola: [Angrily] "Did too!"

Bugs: [Angrily] "Oh yeah?!? let's just asked him!"

Lola: [Angrily] "Fine!"

(The others are speaking to Granny about Bug and Lola's argument and shouting)

Granny : "Isn't that strange? Bugs and Lola are the best of friends........I have a picture here to prove it......somewhere around here."