Emma "Granny" Webster is a character in Baby Looney Tunes. She is an old-fashioned strict caregiver who takes care of the babies. She was voiced by June Foray, who voiced her in many series and cartoons. She is the show's version of Granny.

May I have a doll , please?

She has a nephew named Floyd, who started to make appearances later in the series to take the babies on trips.


Granny is an elderly human with small black eyes behind a pair of small glasses. She has grey hair worn in a bun and normally wear a white top with a purple skirt (like she did in the original Looney Tunes).


She offers professional love and care for the babies to keep them happy. The babies are fascinated and touched by her wisdom and her ability to overcome problems when they arise.

She is shown to have an adventurous and daring side; such as enjoying metal work and watching racing shows while she is baking delicious dishes for them.

Voice Actresses

  • June Foray (US)
  • Hisako Kyōda (Japan)
  • Hervé Rey (France)
  • Monica Bertolotti? (Italy)
  • Mirosława Krajewska (Poland)
  • Lina Rossana (Brazil)
  • Bárbara Lourenço (Portugal)
  • Kassai Ilona (Hungary)
  • Oana Avram Mereuță (Romania)



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