Like a Duck of Water
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date September 18, 2002
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School Daze

Like a Duck to Water is the fourth episode in the series. Daffy Duck is the main character in this episode.


Daffy brags that as a Duck, he is the best swimmer of the group. But when it comes time to prove it, he ends up coming with excuses to get out of it.


One day the babies are outside playing with mud. Lola gets frustrated with how picky Sylvester is, while Bugs and Daffy get competitive trying to make something for Granny. In the end, Bugs takes the victory, causing Daffy to feel envious.

Suddenly, Taz accidentally goes through the mud and covers everyone in it. When Granny happens to see this she takes the babies to get cleaned and decides to prepare them for an upcoming Swim Lesson. Daffy is sure he'll do fine since he's a Duck, and he starts imagining what it would be like.

After they arrive to the small pool, the babies worriedly observe it. Daffy remains confident until he happens to get a look at it for himself and quickly he reconsiders as everyone begins to talk him into showing them how good he is. Daffy comes up with an excuse by saying the water is too cold for him, but Granny decides to let the others swim instead. At first nobody suspects anything, but Daffy continues to repeatedly come up with excuses; such as being sick or not feeling well. By this point, Lola and Bugs are concerned for him and they talk to the other babies, voicing their curiousity with his behavior. When they realize he may be frightened, they decide to set up a plan during nap time.

The babies confront Daffy and start to speak of various fears they have in hopes of coaxing him into telling them his own. At first this doesn't work, and Daffy even mocks a few of them until slowly, with hesitation he admits that he is a bit fearful. To help him feel better the babies offer to help Daffy a little bit, and eventually he is able to get into the pool with no problem.


  • Daffy: Why, its a moon pie of course.
  • Bugs: That sure is a lot of water.
  • Daffy: Step aside. Let me show you how....
  • Daffy: Last one in is a rubber ducky!
  • Bugs: I liked it better when he didn't like to swim.
  • Lola: (giggles) C'mon rubber ducky.


Daffy learns not only does bragging get him into trouble when he must back up his words, but he learns that everyone is afraid of something and that he doesn't need to feel lonely over it. 


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