Today Daffy, Sylvester and Taz are building blocks when Taz knocks the whole block castle Daffy says "That does it Tax, you can't build with us any more!" and Taz starts crying when Granny came. Lola says to her "What does this say?" and she says "Happy mothers day" for her mommy and Granny tells the babies about mothers day. After talking about Mother's Day, Tweety thinks granny should get a mothers day card when lola says she loved her so much bugs tells lola that he does not have money so they should make a mothers day card which is the best mothers day card after that they get so angry they fight and rip the cards after that they cry granny came and only see taz crying and granny gave the snacks to the babies and the babies make the granny figure made out of sitcks and granny loved it and it was the best mothers day ever.


In the Cartoon Network version of this episode when Granny came in the room Everyone was crying instead of just Taz.