Oh, Max Is an episode that has aired.

Everyone was playing with hoppers and Petunia which is on a pogo stick are playing tag and Granny said nap time. Taz sighs and everyone goes to bed. When they woke up a girl named Maxinne which is nicknamed Max came. Max went to Mellissa and hugged her. So the babies played tag the same as the beginning but Max is the coach instead of Daffy and played and played. Taz admired Max for Granny. Granny said Max is her little daughter. Bugs and Lola say they agree. After a while they were playing video games and Petunia and Max watched and they played so they had more fun then they ever thought of. Soon they went outside to play with hoppers. Max said she will play and Daffy watched and they were playing and they went inside for supper, Macaroni and cheese with French fries. Soon Max left everyone hugged her and Taz and Bugs cry at the same time and then they were asleep.