School Daze
Season 1, Episode 5
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Air date August 19, 2002
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School Daze is the fifth episode of the series.


The babies decide they want to go to school, but being too young, they play a game of pretend.


One day the babies excitedly watch as a school bus prepares to pick up students and takes off. After it goes they begin chattering over how much fun it would be- with Daffy rather pessimistic on the idea. The others attempt to point out all the good and fun qualities of school but nothing catches his attention until they point out he would gain a lot of attention through various means. Daffy reconsiders but Tweety starts to cry, saying he isn't ready for school since he's unable to read or write. The others assure him that this is why people go to school to begin with and they calm down, deciding to practice how it works in the mean time.

First they practice getting on the bus, with Taz playing the bus driver. Daffy points out that he watches kids fight over the back seat, and he and Bugs begin to argue over who gets it. Bugs is able to trick Daffy and wins the seat, buckling himself in with some carrot juice while Daffy tries to determine what just happened.

Later they head outside to learn how to use a crosswalk, with Lola acting as the guard. Daffy stubbornly gives her trouble, insisting he should be allowed to cross the street whenever he wants. But as Lola and Bugs try to warn him, he has a run in with Taz. With that Lola grants the others permission to cross the path. 

Later, the Babies decide its time to practice a fire drill.


  • Taz: Oh goodie! Taz drive bus!
  • Bugs: All aboard!
  • Daffy: Sneaky, smart, but very sneaky... I'll have to remember to make sure I never fall for that one again.


The Babies learn the ins and outs of going to school and how important it is. Daffy also learns that there is more to school than Show-and-Tell.


  • Bugs and Daffy's arguement for the bus seat is based on a common dialogue between them throughout the Looney Tunes Series. In which Bugs and Daffy argue, only for Bugs to switch answers and trick Daffy into switching his own so that he wins. This tactic is also known as "Getting Bugs Bunnied".


  • When Bugs suggests they practice schooling, his hands are grey like his fur.