Baby Sylvester is a young, black tuxedo cat. In Looney Tunes in the 1940's, he was known for chasing Tweety and Speedy Gonzales. In these appearances, he is good friends with Baby Tweety.

Physical appearance

Baby Sylvester is a black and white tuxedo cat. He has a big red nose.


At times he is shy and hesitant and he makes an easy target for Baby Daffy to hoax and trade with. He likes to get attention from Granny more than the others. Despite his frequent shyness, he does have a brave side: in A Mid-Autumn's Scream, he's the only one brave enough to trick or treat at Hillside Manor. He also wears a musketeer outfit. Baby Sylvester is afraid of lightning and water and he hates pickles.


  • He is voiced by Terry Klassen.
  • Baby Sylvester's full name is Baby Sylvester James Cat.
  • He is rarely seen using his claws.
  • He loves to eat.
  • He doesn't like changes.
  • He sleeps with his blanket.
  • He was also afraid of water in The Puddle Olympics.
  • He bears a strong resemblance to his future son, Sylvester Jr..
  • In Mother's Day Madness, Baby Bugs said Baby Sylvester had the neatest handwriting.
  • He is the tallest baby without Baby Bugs' and Baby Lola's ears.
  • He doesn't appear in the episode, Card Bored Box.
  • He is 3 years old, which makes him born in 1997.
  • He is scared of thunder and lightning in Lightning Bugs Sylvester, the same as Baby Daffy scared of robots.


Voice Actors

  • Terry Klassen (US)
  • Naoki Yanagi (Japan)
  • Davide Perino (Italy)
  • Fabrizio Vidale (Italy; Time and Time Again only)
  • Michael Pan (Germany)
  • Łukasz Lewandowski (Poland)
  • Guy Rushiniak (Israel)
  • Rodrigo Antas (Brazil)
  • Tiago Caetano (Portugal)
  • Pálmai Szabolcs (Hungary)
  • Marius Săvescu (Romania)

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