One day, the babies are playing with their favorite toys. Taz has a caveman action figure dubbed "Owie-gowie". As Daffy plays with a rocketship, he trips over Taz's leg, and accidentally breaks it. So Taz uses a remote control on the caveman toy. So Daffy slyly steals Taz's toy, causing Taz to cry. Daffy offers him a drum, then suggests that he could color. When Bugs and his friends ask Taz what's the matter. As Daffy plays with the toy, Tweety asked, "What was dat stwange noise?" So the babies went investigating around the house. Then the backyard, then the open front door. When Daffy places the toy in the trash, Taz and the others went inside the house. And when Taz cries the others cry except Daffy then Daffy cries about the garbage truck.And when Daffy runs to the garbage truck, along with Taz, tries to make it, but too late. A piece of fabric floats by Taz, remembering the presumably destroyed toy. So Taz plays woth Daffy, who wears a caveman costume. Daffy comments that there are worth ways to spend an afternoon.


Stealing is bad.