The Creature from the Chocolate Chip
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date September 19, 2001
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The Creature from the Chocolate Chip is the fifth episode of Season 1.


After Baby Sylvester accidentally eats all of the cookies Granny recently made, the other babies blame a monster for doing it and try to back up their claims.


Granny bakes cookies for the babies and offers one to Baby Sylvester after he asks to have one. She agrees and leaves the room to get the other babies, but Baby Sylvester accidentally eats every single cookie in the process. After realizing what he did, Baby Sylvester quickly runs back to find the others in the playroom and confesses what he did.

Just then Granny comes into the room to ask if they know what happened to the cookies. To protect Baby Sylvester they lie and say a monster came in and ate them all, and while Granny seems to know this isn't the truth, she plays along with them and leaves to make more cookies.

As she sets the cookies out the babies decide they must do something to back up their lie. They put together a bunch of items to make a monster and hop inside of it, controlling their strange contraption and sending it into the kitchen. They eat the cookies, then return to the playroom and hide it from view.

At first the babies don't mind much, since they get to eat so many cookie and nobody gets into trouble, but over time they realize its getting harder to keep going. When they continue to lie, Granny bakes even more cookies and they're beginning to get very full and worn out. They decide they must do something and they attempt to stage an "attack", calling Granny inside to see the monster for herself.

Baby Bugs defends Granny from it, but in the process of beating it up with his sword, the monster suddenly falls apart and reveals the other babies. Baby Sylvester decides to just come clean and apologizes for what he did, explaining that they lied to keep him from getting into trouble. To their surprise Granny isn't upset at all, but she asks that Baby Sylvester just be honest with her before deciding to reward them for being truthful now, offering them some more cookies. The babies refuse and quickly run out of the room.



  • This was the first episode of the series to be released to home media.
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