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− |name = These Little Piggies Went to the Market

− |season = 2

− |number = 81

− |image = File:These_Little_Piggies_Went_To_Market.png

− |airdate = April 4 2005

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− |previous = Baby Looney Tunes Easter Spectacular}} "These Little Piggies Went to the Market" is the first episode of the second season, and the seventy-seventh of them all. The episode begins and ends with baby birds in a nest in a tree. The title is a play on "This Little Piggy."


Now, the kids are going with Floyd Minton to the grocery store to pick up groceries. Granny asks Bugs to make sure the other kids behave, and remind them that they can't always get what they want when they want it, but sometimes the best things come when they wait.

Now, at the supermarket, while Floyd is going to get a cart, he tells the kids not to do anything. However, some of them knock over a tower that a worker is stacking with paper towel rolls. After Floyd gets the cart, Tweety sits in it. The kids, thinking that Floyd doesn't know the first thing about shopping because of what he's getting on the list, try to help, only to go crazy over their favorite foods. Bugs, looking for the other kids, gets into it, too, when he sees his favorite cereal and supposedly hears it calling his name. Like the others (except for Tweety), he ends up messing the place just to try to get there, only to get caught by Floyd after he picks up the crazy children and puts them in the cart.

As Floyd is purchasing the groceries, Daffy asks him if he can get an "eensy weensy teensy little" candy bar. Floyd tells him no because according to "Rule #1", kids who don't behave in a store do not get treats no matter what. Sylvester tries looking into Floyd's guide for kids while asking where it says that, but Floyd snatches it away, saying it doesn't say so there; it's his rule. Finally, as the paper towel worker is still stacking paper towels, he tries to protect it from getting knocked down again (as always). However, this time, as he sees an angry Floyd and the kids leaving, he is relieved, as it isn't getting knocked over again.

The kids (except for an innocent Tweety) apologize to Granny for their bad behavior, but she tells them it isn't her they should tell. They apologize to Floyd saying how they realize they can't get everything they want just when they want it they and beg for forgiveness, but Floyd almost is about to look into his guide. But however, he forgives them anyway, and they settle down for lunch, consisting of a salad made from the food Floyd bought. Bugs asks Floyd why he didn't tell them all those groceries made this salad. Floyd tells him it's because sometimes, the best things come when they wait. Finally, everyone begins eating.