Baby Duffy-1-

Trouble in the Room

Granny was in her room, listening to the noise outside. The passengers were very  annoyed. The master came in. "There's trouble in the room, Granny." said the master. "Baby Sylvester is complaining, there are no carriages, and the passengers are saying this is not a good place to be." "Indeed!" said Granny. "We can't have that!" She found Baby Taz, Baby Lola, Baby Bugs, and Sylvester looking very angry. "Come on, Sylvester." said Granny. "It's about time your carriages were ready." "Sylvester isn't going!" said Taz. "We cannot push like common babies! That was the baby ducks job! We're important babies! Your get our carriages, and we'll pull them! Important babies DON'T push!" "We'll see about that!" Granny said. "Babies around here do as they are told!" And she hurried off to find Baby Tweety. "The room hasn't been the same ever since Tweety left to run on his main path." Granny said sadly. Tweety was pushing wagons. "Leave those wagons, Tweety." said Granny. "I need you to arrange some carriages for me in the yard." "Thank you, Granny!" said Tweety. "That would be lovely!" So Tweety found carriages for Taz, Lola, and Sylvester, and that day, the carriages ran as usual. But the next day, Tweety looked sad. Taz passed by, growling rudely. "Oh, my!" exclaimed Granny. "They all growl at me, Granny." Tweety said. "They say that important babies don't push. And last night, they said I have red feet. I haven't, have I, Granny?" "No, Tweety." answered Granny. "You have nice orange feet, and I'm proud of you. Important babies DO push. But all the same, we do need another baby around here." Granny went to a care place, where they showed her all kinds of babies. At last, she saw a black baby duck. "That's the one!" said Granny. "If I choose you, will you do your best?" she asked the baby duck. "Oh, yes, Granny!" said the baby duck. "That's a good baby!" Granny said. "I'll call you Baby Daffy!" "Oh, yes, Granny! Thanks, Granny!" And Granny brought Daffy back to the room. "Tweety!" she cried. "This is Daffy! Will you show him around?" Daffy soon learned what he must do, and they had a happy afternoon. Then, Sylvester came by, growling loudly. "Grrr!" growled Daffy. Sylvester jumped, and race back into the room. "That was a nice growl you did!" Tweety told Daffy. "I would never be able to growl like that!" "Oh," Daffy said, "that's just nothing. You should hear the guys in the care place. You must growl loudly in order to get attention!" Then, Bugs arrived. "Granny is coming." said Bugs. "I expect she needs help." "Shh. Here she comes." said Tweety. "Good job,Tweety" said Granny. "You've been fast. Now, listen. Sylvester, Taz, and Lola are complaining. They said they wouldn't push like common babies. So I have locked them in, and I would like you and Tweety to run the path for a while." "Common babies indeed!" said Sylvester. "We'll show 'em!" And Daffy will help too!" added Granny. "Oh, yes, of course, Granny!" answered Daffy. Tweety worked on the recurring path, saying hello to each other as they passed by. Daffy worked on the main path. Bugs was worried about Rita and Runt, but both operator and guard promised to look after them. There were fewer carriages, but the passenger's didn't mind. They knew that the three other babies were learning their lesson. Taz, Lola, Bugs,and Sylvester were feeling very sad and lonely.Then they all started to cry because they were in time out.

Time out for 20 minutes.Later they were nice again.