Baby Tweety is a character in Baby Looney Tunes and the baby version of Tweety Bird.

Physical appearance

Baby Tweety is a young male yellow canary. He is the youngest out of the babies.


Baby Tweety is the cutest of the babies and the brainstormer when the others are out of ideas. Baby Tweety will often translate what Baby Taz is saying.



Voice Actors

  • Samuel Vincent (US)
  • Satomi Korōgi (Japan)
  • Circe Luna (Latin America)
  • Ilaria Latini (Italy; first season only)
  • Perla Liberatori (Italy; second season only)
  • Patricia Legrand (France)
  • Joanna Pach (Poland)
  • Eran Mor (Israel)
  • Christiane Monteiro (Brazil)
  • Carla Garcia (Portugal)
  • Radó Denise (Hungary)
  • Dora Ortelecan Dumitrescu (Romania)

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